How to Maintain a Happy and Healthy Relationship

Many relationships end up in breakage or compromised states because parties involved lack necessary information on maintaining happy relationships. Such information can help individuals live happily, because that is what good relationships are all about.


Many websites exist to meet the increasing demand for information on matters of relationships as well as teaching people how to get over a relationship. Large percentage of Lovers or other parties breaking up are seeking break up advice from internet, which has a large number of websites such as, providing dating and relationship information.

Defining how to get over a relationship is one of the most challenging things lovers face. Passing through this difficult time needs critical and relevant decisions. It is important to determine experts who will offer break up advice because relationship issues revolve around emotions.

Expertise break up advice can cut down time spent by lovers on endless search for information on the internet on how to get over a relationship or how to get over an ex. In addition, most of these advises on the

Beginner’s Guide to Relationship Building

Relationships are something everyone needs and desires. Having an easy come easy go attitude toward then is no way to get ahead. Relationships are important for many reasons. When forming and maintaining them there are certain procedures that must be followed for them to be successful. Here are a few tips.

Relationships are often very delicate and require constant maintenance. On the other hand, relationships can be a source of security that endures many trials. There are many reasons to build successful and lasting relationships. For example, in a group or organizational situation, the emotional health of the members depends on the efficiency and effectiveness of that group or organization.


The group or organization also relies on how well it can work with management. Ineffective groups or organizations can be a source of great frustration for all concerned. It can be taxing on the members.

Human beings are social creatures. A society requires its members to work towards a common goal. Good relationships manifest cooperation and respect. With everyone working towards a common goal,

Conduct Your Relationship With Love and Care

When we respond to our significant other with anger or sarcasm, or short and choppy replies out of frustration, we are sending harsh and fighting signals to them. It is unusual for a couple to never have conflicts, misunderstandings or disagreements. However, our response – that is attitude as well as words – is the very spark that either inflames the situation or triggers the calm toward resolution. Fellas, how do we respond?


Here is a better way to solving a problem in your relationship. First, take a deep intentional breath. Next, what do you understand the problem to be that has your stress level rising? Then, before speaking convince yourself that your girlfriend/wife did not intend to irritate or touch your rawness. Now, you may respond with calm and a loving attitude in order to prevent the anger from getting higher and more dangerous. With a loving approach you may enjoy the result of having stopped what could have been a serious argument from happening at all.

When you honestly want to have a successful marriage or

7 Love and Relationship Tips

Most relationships, even those built on love, start to fade with time. If both partners do nothing to improve the situation after some time they may hit a dead-end. However, there are a few things that can be done to sustain happy and strong relationship.

Here are most important love and relationship tips that you need to know in order to save passion and special bond that you and your beloved share:

1. Make sure to spend some quality time with your partner. Sometimes we get so caught up in insignificant daily worries that love is receded into the background. You have to take a conscious action to prevent that from happening. Find at least one weekend a month so the two of you could be together.

2. Take a conscious action to show your other half that you love him/her. Surprise your partner with unexpected gift. It doesn’t have to be big and expensive. It just has to come from your heart.

3. Show interest in your partner’s life. For example, you can say, “Hi. How was your day?” and listen to the answer attentively. The person that you love should not

Tips For a Successful Long Distance Relationship

On a general note, relationships are often difficult to maintain even when the partners live in the same town and even when in the same house. Given this scenario, it becomes even more difficult when distance separate the partners. This distance may be because of one of the partners leaving far away for college, taking up a better job opportunity in another town, state or country, or going an expedition, etc.

Research suggests that long distance relationships do not break up at any greater rate than traditional, geographically close ones. In addition, several studies have discovered that the levels of relationship satisfaction, intimacy, trust, and commitment of long distance relationship partners are identical to those of their geographically close counterparts. However, they might worry more about infidelity, but they do not actually cheat more.

It is also an obvious fact that long distance relationships are much easier when you have known the other person for quite some time before the separation by distance. Those that have spent some months or years in a committed relationship will do fairly better in a long distance relationship as they already have a foundation on which to continue building

Love and Respect

There are so many mixed emotions swirling around the need for respect and love. People are always looking for both and ending up with one or none. Why is that?

Well, for one thing, love is often given without thought, whereas respect has to be earned. How many times have you heard someone say, “I don’t know why I love so and so because I don’t even like him or her?”

Then there’s the confusion between love and lust. There aren’t a lot of people who can distinguish the difference between the two in the early stages of a relationship. And even after the relationship has had time to mature, it’s still difficult to ascertain the difference between love and sex if you are still having sex with your partner.

But, respect is different. If nothing else, you can feel when someone respects you. You can feel validated by that person. It’s not just hearing pretty words because those pretty words have to be backed up by actions. It’s the actions that tell you whether you’re being respected and you can’t keep telling someone you want their respect; you have to earn it.

4 Things the Holy Spirit Taught Me About Relationships

Here are four new things that I learned through the Holy Spirit recently:

1. Conviction or Condemnation

A person who we have a grievance with is either going to hear from God’s Spirit or from God’s enemy.

If they hear from God’s Spirit they’ll be convicted to make right what has been done wrong. If they hear from God’s enemy, on the other hand, they will condemn the other party. There is no learning, no blessing, and no hope in the latter. But reconciliation is probable in the former situation.

2. We Are Comforted to Comfort Others With the Comfort We Received

A principle of 2 Corinthians chapter 1 gives us the purpose behind suffering. It’s a truth that ought to never be rejected as cliché.

Only those who have trodden a particular road can truly empathise with others who are on the same road. But to have suffered and surrendered is a spiritual gifting with universal reach for ministry. We have something to offer someone when we have reached a place where nobody’s explanation of our situation made any sense at all, least of all our own. In that liminal space

The Secret of Great Relationships

What’s the secret of discovering a true friend or lover? The Secret of Great Relationships? By the word “true” I mainly mean a relationship free of manipulation and ego based behaviors.

The first thing that comes in mind is move towards the mindset of “giving”. Give yourself, your thoughts and your genuine responses. I am sure that you have heard this phrase a thousand times in videos and blog posts but you have failed to do so. First of all “failing” is necessary, it means that you are trying to re-approach yourself by a different angle. Having said that, the phrase “I failed” is more likely to be replaced with “I am moving closer to my goals” because you try to find a solution inwards. If you continually searching outwards then I invite you to search yourself first. How can you actually practice that?

A great book

The first approach is to discover your values. Most people keep saying that they have values but if you challenge them to simplify them and give a straight answer about their first and foremost value, they are unable to do so. There are many exceptional books on

5 Dating And Relationship Tips

A first date is always a nervous time for both of you. It’s a journey into the unknown, but also a journey that offers excitement and reward. With my 5 dating and relationship tips, I’m going to tell you how to make the best of that first date. And how to ensure you get more than just one date, to go on and build up a loving and long-lasting relationship.

1. Distinguish yourself from the ordinary – be different. Don’t use the usual clichés, or make it obvious you are more interested in her body than her mind. Treat her as a real person. Hold eye contact and speak in normal conversational terms. You’ll surprise her.

2. Speak to her about her. Everyone likes the word “you,” and she will be instantly flattered if you want to learn more about her. Ask about her likes and dislikes. Ask about things she’s done, places she’s visited, her ambitions and dreams, etc, etc.

3. Compliment her. But don’t go overboard. Be subtle and honest. The occasional genuine compliment is worth far more than a barrage of compliments on anything and everything.

4. Use the right

Relationships Bring Essence to Life

Relationships are the substance of life. They bring essence to life.

Nevertheless at times, one faces complications in his life and comes across relationship problems. At times one comes to figure out that everything in life is going just fine, but it is the interpersonal human relationships which have become a source of sorrow.

One might be bothered not just regarding the relationships with one’s closest family, siblings or spouse, but also regarding relationships with his friends or colleagues in general.

Vedic astrology can work very effectively to help you solve any relationship issues that you may be facing in your life. These may include:-

– If you have recently or over time been facing any issues with your parents, siblings or closest family.

– If you have been facing issues with your spouse, any long distance relationship problems or problems in your married life.

– If marriageability or late marriage is an issue which has been a cause of concern.

– Vedic Astrology lets you find accurate and sincere predictions about how your life partner is going to look, how the husband and wife relationship is going to be,

10 Ways to Build a Loving, Long Distance Relationship

The Internet Highway has changed the way we live and the way we love. It has changed the way we socialize and it has also increased the likelihood of finding love over the internet. Conversations are easy to strike up with regularity and it’s easy to discover that you have strong feelings for someone who lives hundreds or thousands of miles away from you! Many people are choosing to have long distance relationships (LDRs) LDRs might feel wonderful at first. However, they come with their own set of unique challenges as well. Many couples are blind-sided by the impact an LDR can have on their daily life. This person can now feel so close to you because of the internet and yet in reality, remain so far away. The paradox is weighty. The more prepared you are to handle the situation, the better equipped you both will be to make decisions along the way that will benefit you and your partner and possibly make it a safer and enjoyable experience. In this article, I have addressed 10 areas that you should pay special attention to when considering an LDR:

  1. Identity. Your parents always said “don’t talk to

7 Relationship Tips For Novices

If you have entered into a long-term commitment with someone for the first time you may be having some issues now concerning your relationship. Well here are a few relationship tips for novices to help ease your growing pains. Please read these relationship tips for novices if you really want your association to be fruitful for each other.

1. Nobody is perfect. In fact, you probably chose each other on the basis of your imperfections. Sympathy is a very strong motivator and when mutual shortcomings have a part in motivating relationships, it is usually because the goal is to help each other. So don’t expect perfection in your partner, instead, motivate it.

2. Be transparent in all your dealings with your partner. Opaqueness is a quality that is not conducive to sustaining good peer relationships. Once your partner gets used to your routine, don’t suddenly change it without letting him in on why you suddenly decided to do a makeover.

3. Honestly, honesty is the best policy when it comes to relationships. Especially, have the maturity and courage to own your mistakes and errors of judgment, even in seemingly inconsequential things. Once you start

Loving Relationship Tips For Greater Intimacy

Use loving relationship tips for greater intimacy with your partner. Relationship tips, as will also be referred to as love tips, can do wonders for couples seeking higher consciousness of intimacy. The tips may help strengthen the bond between partners as well as recognizing and honoring self.

What are the requirements for greater intimacy?

It is very important that both individuals are willing to participate. It would be quite difficult, if not impossible, if one partner is committed and the other has little or no interest. Each must acknowledge that the foundation of their togetherness is love and that their journey involves full commitment, sincerity, respect and dignity for each other throughout the relationship. There may be some challenges that may take one out of their comfort zone but by keeping the foundation of love solid accompanied with positive heart to heart communication, those challenges may not seem so difficult.

The Love Tips

Below are some tips below that are to be practiced by both individuals.

Share with your partner all of the wonderful things that you love about them and what deeply touches your heart.

Be present (attentive) when your

Tips to Making Up In a Relationship

All relationships are bound to run into obstacles and also some type of problems, the best part of a relationship is making up after the fights. There are many different tips for making up in a relationship, and when a couple is able to take advantage of the fight to learn more about one another, they are generally able to maintain a healthier relationship and gain a more intimate relationship. There are many different tips that have been proposed by relationship gurus and experts. By looking at all of the different factors that affect a relationship and making up in a relationship in a healthy manner, couples are able to build a solid foundation of which can then enhance the experience that they have together.

One of the most important aspects is to acknowledge the reason for making up, and the reasons for fighting or even breaking up. It is important to consider where the relationship went wrong, the different perspective of both parties, and what exactly happened to cause a kink in the relationship. Couples that are able to get to the bottom of the problem are generally able to open up to another and

Attachment Theory For Adults and Couples

Attachment theory can be studied and dissected in a multitude of ways, but in its simplest form, it is described as a way to showcase the dynamics of interpersonal relationships between humans. This can start from parent-child relationships, friendships, and of course, romantic relationships. There are typically four sides to attachment theory that most models use to define it: Secure, Preoccupied, Dismissing, and Fearful.

For example, in childhood, a secure child might simply wave or say a small greeting when their parent enters the room. A preoccupied child would hardly notice their presence, finding other things more interesting, a dismissing child would purposely choose to ignore them, and a fearful child would be clinging to that parent, desperately afraid of them leaving, or even not loving them enough.

How Can It Affect Romantic Relationships?

These rules of attachment certainly can carry over into adulthood, and affect our relationships with our families, friends, and romantic relationships. Attachment theory is a psychological model, so the thoughts behind it come from a mixture of childhood upbringing, to predetermined psychological thoughts that a child will have no matter what. Of course, that means it can be difficult to

Exciting Relationship Tips on How to Keep Your Man Faithful

These days, a lot of men just cannot stay faithful to their partners and if you want to keep your man faithful, here are some relationship tips from expert couple counselors.

If your man becomes unfaithful, there’s no use in blaming yourself. While you can find many relationship tips from experts, remember that a cheating husband/boyfriend is never your fault – he is the only one to blame for his actions.

While most people believe that men cheat because they can, experts say otherwise. The truth is, men cheat because they are not happy and satisfied with their partners. Basically, men have basic needs – clean shelter, good food, and great sex. If you, as a woman can give him these three basic requirements of your man, you can easily keep your man faithful.

Satisfy his sexual needs

Sex is an important element in marriage and almost all relationship tips from expert marriage counselors will tell you this. Your husband’s desire to have sex with you is one of his ways to express his love. When he wants sex, it simply means that he wants you to feel how much he loves you

Relationship Tips For A New Romance

Starting a new relationship is exciting. There are so many mixed emotions involved. Other than excitement, you get the hope of a perfect, flourishing relationship that may last forever, and of course, there’s always that fear of having things not work out.

Whatever feelings you may have, only one thing remains; you hope for the best for your new-found relationship and will do everything you can for it to last. But, doing so isn’t easy. It does not happen like magic, you have to work at it for it to last. It takes time and effort. This will only work as long as you enjoy each other’s company, have the genuine desire to know each other well, and the patience to make the relationship for keeps.

Here are relationship tips that may help you get those wedding bells ringing in the near future:

Build A Strong Friendship

All things must begin somewhere, and for achieving that perfect relationship, you have to build a solid foundation of friendship. They say opposites attract, but there should be at least one or two things in common between two people. Start from there. If you have a

End Relationship Strife With This Relationship Help

Relationships are powerful. They impact every part of our lives.

When there is stress and strife in a relationship, we lose motivation, focus and even self-respect.

To achieve happy, healthy life-success, you need to be in positive, harmonious relationships.

When an important relationship is going well, you feel free to focus your full power into achieving the goals in life that are most important to you.

But relationship problems fester and our emotions enter turbulence and we become mentally distracted.

Marital conflict causes the spouses to lose their power to be as successful as possible in every area of their lives, including parenting their children, performing at work, and getting along with others.

So we need to develop the emotional resilience to be able to handle those challenging relationship periods without losing our power to succeed.

Relationship-experiences can be wonderfully fulfilling, but we have to avoid becoming overly emotionally dependent upon being in a harmonious relationship.

While it is virtually impossible to bring our best to work when we are going through a painful relationship difficulty, we can develop our emotional stability, which increases our ability to stay focused,

When the Best of Family Makes Us Sad

TWENTY-FIRST birthday parties are as poignant as ever, as was my daughter’s recently. I look at my four living children, especially my three-year-old son, and note, with sadness, that they all grow up. The other three have proven that.

That makes me sad – that I can’t snap-freeze these kids in their development and enjoy them more. The purpose of life is that it evolves. It has to. But the by-product of life is that we do grow older and more irrelevant to our children with our years… and still, perhaps when our children relied on us most we felt we were too relevant!

I can remember being a father who wasn’t as intrinsically motivated as I am now. Being intrinsically motivated for the past dozen years doesn’t make parenting any easier. It makes it harder in that I feel what I miss. The best of family makes me sad. There was a time when family wasn’t so central and I felt less… it was easier. But I missed so much more without even realising it.

The closer we are to God, the more propensity we have to be honest, the more we wish to

10 Signs You’re Becoming the Best of Strangers

There are signs that you’re a committed couple; you know each other’s favorite foods, favorite places, interests, goals, likes and dislikes. When things are in motion to becoming a couple learning more about each other is vitally important; when you’re growing apart, there are different signs. You’re becoming strangers to one another. How can you recognize when this is happening to your relationship?

1) You stop sharing conversations about things that were important to both of you.
2) You stop attending things together that used to be a part of your routine.
3) Your partner is no longer interested in going to family functions together.
4) Your partner gets a new car or other vehicle and you did not know they were looking.
5) Your partner changes jobs; you did not know they were looking.
6) Your opinion about household changes no longer matters.
7) Your partner has new interests you were unaware of.
8) Their opinions about things that were important to both of you are suddenly completely different; someone else’s influence has taken precedence.
9) They fail to notice significant changes about you.
10) Someone outside of your relationship brings a small gift because